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WebHostingHub has been around for more than a decade, founded in 2001. This host specializes in offering easy to use website hosting for personal to professional bloggers and small businesses. This is one of the best web hosting in the industry, which is well-known for providing high quality hosting solutions at affordable cost. Its award-winning Linux based hosting comes with rich resources to help people create web site very quickly and easily.

If you own a business of any type, you’ll need a reliable web host to help you create a website that promotes your goods and services. Web Hosting Hub has affordable shared hosting options that are suitable for individuals or small enterprises, as well as great customer service.

However, if you want to grow to a different sort of hosting, such as cloud, dedicated, reseller, or a virtual private server (VPS), you’ll have to search elsewhere, as Web Hosting Hub only provides the most basic services.

However, for individuals who run small businesses or have financial constraints and are seeking economical website hosting alternatives, this post will provide an in-depth evaluation of WebHostingHub, including its features, costs, pros and disadvantages, and other pertinent information.

What is WebHostingHub?

WebHostingHub was started in 2010 by the founder of InMotion Hosting in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Web Hosting Hub specializes in providing small businesses and bloggers with web hosting and other internet services.

WebHostingHub is a well-known web hosting provider with both advantages and disadvantages. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially at such a low price and with such a comprehensive feature set.

Slow chat response, false marketing, and other concerns are among the shortcomings. Blogs and small websites are best served by WebHostingHub’s shared and WordPress hosting solutions.

However, because this platform lacks advanced hosting options like VPS hosting and dedicated servers, it may be unsuitable for fast-growing organizations or large corporations that need to scale over time.

Features & Tools

Features- WebHostingHub Review

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WebHostingHub provides bloggers and small companies with cost-effective and dependable shared hosting. They want to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to have a successful online presence.

The platform offers WordPress and shared hosting services from two data centers in the United States, one on the West Coast and the other on the East Coast.

For maximum speed, WebHostingHub’s data centers house contemporary enterprise-level Dell servers. This company has been replacing end-of-life servers with SSD servers since 2015, and it will continue to do so until all old drives are replaced. You can subscribe to one of their SSD plans now if you can’t wait for that multi-year replacement project to finish.

All hosting plans come with features that are user-friendly for beginners while also being scalable for businesses. The simple cPanel control panel gives you access to over 400 free apps, scripts, tools, and website builders, including the free premium BoldGrid website builder, which they recommend for your first website.

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Backups are not performed automatically on this company’s servers; instead, they are performed only if you purchase the Automated Backups service. And if the entire size of your data is less than 10 GB. Because these incremental backups are truly only for disaster recovery, you should backup your own data for rollback purposes as well.

What is inside the platform?

Shared Web Hosting

Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo are three Linux-based shared hosting packages offered by WebHostingHub. Each plan includes unlimited disk space, monthly data transfers, and email addresses, as well as free website-building tools. One-year, two-year, and three-year pricing are available for the plans. Monthly memberships are not available at WebHostingHub. Although this may have little (if any) influence on enterprises, a cash-strapped blogger may not enjoy the lack of flexibility. And that’s precisely the type of user who would benefit from shared web hosting.

The entry-level Spark plan (beginning at $8.99 per month) comes with a free domain, two websites, and 25 sub-domains. Nitro (beginning at $12.99 per month) ups the ante by allowing you to host an infinite number of websites and sub-domains. The most expensive Dynamo (beginning at $16.99 per month) is geared for high-trafficked sites and provides greater server resources as a result.

WebHostingHub’s shared hosting plans are so comprehensive that they almost match those of PCMag’s shared hosting champion, HostGator ($2.75 per month at HostGator). However, WebHostingHub loses out to HostGator because of its Windows server choice (combined with its month-to-month cost).

WordPress Web Hosting

Wordpress Hosting- Webhostinghub Review

WebHostingHub provides WordPress hosting, which is a type of hosting that has the popular content management system pre-installed on your server.

The three plans—Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo—are priced and equipped similarly to WebHostingHub’s shared hosting tiers, but they include WordPress-specific features and security. As a result, the WordPress plans offered by WebHostingHub are extremely good.

Still, the Editors’ Choice for WordPress hosting is TMDHosting (2.95 per month – 65 percent off at TMDHosting). The top dog offers three WordPress hosting plans as well as the choice of Linux or Windows-based servers.

The monthly plans start at $8.95 (for unlimited storage and monthly data transfers) and go up to $16.95 (for unlimited storage and monthly data transfers) (for all that, plus unlimited site hosting).

Its pre-built environment includes a number of WordPress-friendly features, such as real-time malware protection and selected plug-ins to improve your experience.

WebHostingHub does not offer cloud, dedicated, reseller, or VPS hosting, therefore you’ll have to look for another service if you need more advanced hosting.

WebHostingHub’s ranking is harmed by its inability to expand with the service. Switching web hosting services after you’ve made a commitment is far from simple.

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Building a Website

An exceptionally nice customer support representative contacted me within five minutes after I signed up for the Spark hosting plan to check that I had made the transaction. She swiftly talked me through WebHostingHub’s key features and inquired about my previous website-building experience. A confirmation email, as well as a few more emails containing introductory information, arrived seconds after the phone session finished.

I started building a website after logging into the Account Management Panel. WebHostingHub features a basic control panel that is both functional and elegant; it looks to be intended for folks who are frightened by the typical CPanel’s more technical appearance. The Account Management Panel allows you to flip between the two views.

I wanted to create a WordPress-powered website, so I went to the Softaculous app library to get the content management system installed. I used a WordPress theme and a variety of plug-ins to customize the site after it was set up. Other website builders (such as Joomla and Website Baker) are available through Softaculous, but I liked WordPress’s versatility.


Ecommerce Hosting- Webhostinghub Review

For people who want to sell things, PrestaShop is the default, preloaded shopping cart program. You are not, however, obligated to use it. The Softaculous software collection has several possibilities, including the Magento (Free at Magento) e-commerce software. Using Magento’s drag-and-drop store builder, I was able to develop a visually appealing store. You can also add OpenCart as an e-commerce platform.

Security Features

Many security measures are included in WebHostingHub’s packages, including McAfee Virus and Anti-Spam Protection (beginning at $1.39 per month). A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate costs $99 per year and is required if you wish to sell things online.

If you’re planning to create a website, you should think about how you’ll protect your data in the event of a tragedy. For $1 per month, WebHostingHub offers automated, daily website backups (for sites 10GB or smaller). There are also free account restorations available every four months.

How much does it cost?

Webhostinghub Review - Pricing

In our WebHostingHub review, we discovered that the company provides fast hosting with all of the features that bloggers and small companies require to get their websites up and operating.

WebHostingHub offers three different types of inexpensive shared hosting: Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. All plans feature the following:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • 1 free domain registration
  • Free SSD drive storage for fast loading times
  • 3 free website transfers
  • Auto-installed WordPress
  • SSH access
  • Free advertising credits for Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Nitro and Dynamo subscriptions also offer unlimited website hosting and your pick of the data center on the east or west coast. Customers that desire a one-of-a-kind bespoke design can use WebHostingHub’s web design services.

Money-Back Guarantee

WebHostingHub offers a hefty 90-day money-back promise that comes close to matching Dreamhost’s 97-day money-back guarantee. A 30- or 60-day money-back guarantee is offered by most Web hosting services.

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Pros and Cons

WebHostingHub is a good web hosting provider, however, it might not be perfect for everyone. Before deciding on a plan, consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Affordable – WebHostingHub offers reasonable prices for all the features they include in their hosting plans.
  • Free Domain Registration – You can save money and time by getting a free domain through WebHostingHub.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – With WebHostingHub ’s generous 90 day guarantee, you can give their hosting a try at no risk.


  • Limited Upgrades – WebHostingHub only offers shared hosting, so it’s best suited to small businesses and bloggers.
  • No Monthly Billing – You can only purchase 12 months of hosting at a time. There’s no month-to-month option.

5 things we like about WebHostingHub

Many people claim that WebHostingHub is one of the best up-and-coming Web hosting companies on the market and here’s why.

  • 90 days Money Back Guarantee
    WebHostingHub offers a three-month money-back guarantee on all of its services. This means that if you are unhappy with their service for any reason, they will reimburse your money – but not in whole. Instead, they will prorate your refund based on when you joined up and when you cancel.
  • cPanel with Softaculous Script Installer
    WebHostingHub includes the Softaculous script installer with your ordinary cPanel. When you combine that with the freebies listed below, you’ll discover that they offer over 300 applications accessible for download for free and with one-click installation.
  • Shared Hosting Plans with Unlimited Domains
    On the shared hosting plan at WebHostingHub, you can have an unlimited number of domains. If you’re in the domain-flipping industry, this is fantastic. Because many Web hosting companies only allow you to have one domain per account, this is a problem. You’ll have to spend more if you want to add more. With WebHostingHub, this is not the case. This implies you can register a domain and park it until you find someone who wants it and is prepared to pay for it.
  • 24/7 US-based Phone Support
    Support appears to be one of those things that Web hosting companies either have or do not have. People that sign up for Web hosting will require assistance. There’s no getting around it. Other Web hosting firms can learn from employing individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support for foreign consumers.
  • More Than Standard Freebies
    WebHostingHub provides you with 301 free applications as part of your subscription. Furthermore, they provide the Softaculous Script Installer, which allows you to install any of these apps with only one click. And, if that wasn’t enough, they’ll give you over $200 in advertising credits to help you get started.
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