Synthesis Hosting Reviews[Updated 2023]


Synthesis was a wonderful, cost-effective solution for WordPress users looking for a fully-managed web hosting service. It was user-friendly, it offered adequate support to its users, and it satisfied the unique needs of WordPress sites – its security features were unrivalled.

What is Synthesis Hosting?

Synthesis is an outlier in the hosting business. The company offers dedicated WordPress hosting and other related services. They deal exclusively with WordPress hosting and do not offer general-purpose hosting services like a traditional hosting services provider.

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Synthesis started out as an answer to a problem: how conventional hosting companies were inadequate for the specific needs of a website or business built on WordPress.

Synthesis Reviews on Hosting Plans and Services

Synthesis focuses on providing fully featured WordPress hosting plans that do not skimp on performance. This business model is quite attractive to new businesses that have websites built on WordPress but do not have the resources or technical dexterity to figure out a general purpose hosting plan but at the same time do not want to compromise with the performance by going with shared hosting.


Synthesis plans start at USD 47 per month for 1 WordPress install (or domain), 1 GB of memory, 20 GB of storage space with an additional 10 GB for backups, 2 TB of monthly transfer bandwidth, and a daily traffic limit of 10,000 unique visitors.

The plan goes up to USD 300 per month for any number of WordPress installs (or domains), 8 GB of memory, 160 GB of storage space with an additional 80 GB for backups, 6 TB of monthly transfer bandwidth, and a daily traffic limit of 300,000 unique visitors.

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The platform does not support Multisite WordPress or MSWP installs and at present, does not support Google’s Page Speed Service that is in open beta. These WordPress plans all run on fully managed VPS systems that are completely sandboxed. Running on the NGINX and PHP-FPM platforms, robust and reliable performance is guaranteed.

Synthesis regularly orders system audits from multiple third-party vendors; this ensures that the server configurations are not susceptible to outside attacks without compromising on usability, flexibility, or raw performance.

The VPS technology is powered by OS Virtualization that uses some of the most powerful hypervisor technology available to offer performance close to those offered by dedicated hardware running on bare metal servers but with all the added benefits of hardware virtualization such as sandboxing (for enhanced data security and data integrity), rapid scalability, and pay as you go functionality.

Synthesis operates one of the most complicated and advanced WordPress hosting platforms we have ever encountered. The platform offers protection against brute force attacks both at a server level as well as on the wp-admin page. CloudFlare is also supported, ensuring DDoS protection, distributed caching, as well as enhanced DNS listing.

You can also enlist CDN services for great site performance in all regions across the globe; having a CDN is essential if your users are spread out globally and are not majorly from any one geographic region.

Also included with the hosting plans are complimentary site monitoring services from Site Sensor that provide technical and content specific checks in real time, daily backups for protection against data corruption or catastrophic hardware failure, regular scans for malware and other malicious software, support for third-party tie-in services such as Amazon Web Services or AWS, server-side scanning for advanced conditional malware courtesy of Sucuri, and complimentary Pro version of W3 Total Cache, included with the WordPress install itself.

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Synthesis Marketing Tools
Synthesis Marketing Tools

SSL security certification is also supported, which makes Synthesis’ platform perfect for hosting websites that deal with the transmission of sensitive user information such as login details, bank information, debit or credit card details, etc.

Synthesis offers a custom built WordPress based framework that offers increased security and performance over Genesis and other major server frameworks. Therefore, Synthesis works with websites that use the Genesis framework as well as those that do not.

You can contact Synthesis support for help about whether your non-Genesis website is compatible with Synthesis. Versions of Thesis prior to 2.0 RC are supported by Synthesis.

Synthesis Reviews on Support and Customer Service

Customer service is one of the best we have experienced with any hosting service provider. Maybe this is the case because Synthesis is more like a development collective that also provides robust hosting services.

All technical support personnel are well trained and know the ins and outs of WordPress. Because the company focuses only on WordPress users, this frees up support personnel from dealing with issues that arise in non-WordPress environments. Therefore, specialization is increased manifold.

Customer service is also exemplary, with non-technical issues addressed at lightning speed. Synthesis has focused majorly on customer service and it shows; because it is providing a quite niche service, it needs to retain its customers. Having great customer service is, therefore, a great incentive to retain existing customers as well as entice new ones.

Synthesis Reviews on Uptime Performance and Server Status

Synthesis is not a traditional hosting service provider, it is almost impossible to find out typical server uptime status. However, what can be found is that websites hosted on Synthesis are extremely reliable and almost never face any downtime or performance fluctuations.

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This has to do with the robust network infrastructure that delivers high-quality connectivity and consistent service to customers at all times. Suffice to say that a 99.9% uptime rate is actually the figure on the low end of the estimate. Synthesis dedicates itself to providing one service and providing it well; we would say that is has been immensely successful in that regard.

Pros and Cons of Synthesis


  • Great performance
  • Dedicated services for WordPress based web ventures
  • Super reliability
  • Robust network infrastructure
  • Exemplary customer service


  • Lack of traditional hosting options might be problematic
  • Decided lack of transparency when it comes to server statistics

Summary of Synthesis reviews

Synthesis started out as an answer to a problem faced by a resourceful few. Now, it has expanded to offer customized hosting services to a large number of customers. The stakes are decidedly higher in this situation and we would say that the company has delivered spectacularly.

Synthesis offers a very particular service to a broad niche in the hosting industry and does it well. The company has found a market for itself and dedicated itself to serving it. If you own a WordPress website and want it to run at peak performance, Synthesis is highly recommended.

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