Saweetie and Quavo Split After 2 Years As The Former Accuses Infidelity With Multiple Women

Saweetie and Quavo have called it quits and decided to part ways officially after staying together for two years. There were rumours of their split for quite some time as the fans observed that they both have unfollowed each other on their social media handles. All the speculations came to a rest when Saweetie confirmed the rumours to be true herself. She posted on her Twitter page in two consecutive tweets that she has called it quits with Quavo. Not just that, she also claimed that the reason behind the harsh decision was because Quavo was unfaithful to her.

Saweetie’s Tweets About Quavo

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Saweetie tweeted a long and heart-breaking message where she spoke about the split and the reason behind the same. She said that she is single now and that is because she has endured too many betrayals and hurt in the past in her relationship. She said that she had to go through it all for the sake of a fake narrative that circulated that simultaneously degraded her real character. The pair had been famous for exchanging lavish gifts and presents. While talking about the same, Saweetie said that presents are not band aids that can hide the scars and heal them. She added that the love that provides intimacy to other women is not real at all.

Saweetie added that despite all the hurt and dishonesty that she had to suffer, she is moving forward in life with a positive mindset and approach. She said that she had emotionally parted ways with Quavo a long time ago and has finally walked away with a sense of peace and freedom that runs deep within her. She said that she is extremely excited about the new chapter in her life.

Quavo On The Break Up

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When a leading daily approached Quavo for his comments on the same, he did not respond neither did his spokesperson. The last snap that Quavo shared of himself with his girlfriend was after Valentine’s Day. He shared the picture on Instagram where the pair was seen together. It marked as the last picture that the singer had shared of them together. In the picture, the couple was seen enjoying their date night and, in the caption, the singer had written that he has dedicated the night to her completely. Saweetie had posted a similar photo from their date night and captioned it saying ‘Fight Night’ that was in reference to Migo’s hit song.

Saweetie And Quavo Relationship

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Quavo had revealed that their relationship began when the singer had sent a snowflake emoji to Saweetie, referring to her as the ‘Icy Girl’ rap star. Saweetie, on the other hand, had replied with an equally adorable emoji that had a noodle bowl. It was in reference to Migos’ iconic song, ‘Stir Fry’. However, in a recent interview, the then couple had revealed that they were crushing on each other even before the exchange of DMs had begun. Quavo said that he saw her on his explore page, messaged her, and said that if she was an icy girl then she definitely needed a glacier boy in her life. The then lovebirds then flirted for a while and later spent the next few months knowing each other better. It was after that when the two decided to meet in Atlanta and finally spend some time together.

Quavo & Saweetie On Their 2 Years Relationship

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Quavo and Saweetie spent two years together and it had appeared that the two were smitten by each other. Initially, Saweetie revealed that she was trying hard to get but after their first date, they connected cosmically and then there was no going back from that. In a recent interview, Quavo also revealed that his relationship with Saweetie was helping him grow as a man and making him learn how to love and treat a woman right. He said that while he did not let any woman inside his life, he has let Saweetie in because she is helping him grow and evolve as a man. Saweetie had revealed that Quavo was her celebrity crush from even before he had approached her. She loved her voice and found him extremely attractive.