Is Hostinger Good or Bad ? Hostinger Review 2022

Hostinger Review 2022

Hostinger first launched itself as a Free Web hosting service about 15+ years ago. Since then, it has come a long way at what position it is now. And today it is recognized as one of the best web hosting providers in the internet world. Hostinger provides or it is well known for its affordable hosting plans, high-quality hosting, and other perks for website owners as a beginner or experts as well. Whether you’re launching a new site from scratch or switching providers, you can use this in-depth Hostinger review to see if it is the good choice for your website projects.

Hostinger review
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A wide range of plans, coupled with attractive prices make Hostinger cost-effective for novices and intermediate users. However, it is not suitable hosting for large enterprises as it doesn’t provide dedicated hosting. Even Hostinger provides cheapest shared hosting plan allows you to create a professional email address, and also you can create multiple email addresses with them.

How to choose a best hosting plan for your needs ?

Before buying a hosting plan, you need to calculate few things to for any hosting companies. It all depends on what is your project needs. Here are some quick notes to read before buying hosting.

  • Speed & Performance: How fast will your website load, depends on bandwith.
  • Reliability and Uptime: To be sure that your website is active and accessible all time.
  • Customer Support: Tech support avaibility.
  • Features: Each hosting packages are different, it all depends on your project requirements.
  • Pricing: How much you want to invest in your hosting ?

Hostinger Review and Which Plan is best

Hostinger doesn’t have any dedicated server products, which is bad news if you’re looking for the maximum performance and reliability. 

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Which hostinger plan is right for you?

Next, we’ll explore Hostinger’s shared, VPS and WordPress hosting (opens in new tab) range, break down what they offer, what they don’t, and help identify the best choices for you.

Hostinger also provides some additional benefits with all of its hosting plans which are: 30 days money back, 24/7/365 Support and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Shared hosting

Starter Shared Hosting Plan

Hostinger’s shared hosting starts with the Single plan. It costs at $1.99 a month over four years ($3.99 on renewal). It provides some welcome features for new users : free SSL, One click WordPress installation. There are some limitations with the starter plan, It is limited to one website, no free domain, 50GB storage, a single email account, 100GB bandwidth, backups are weekly only.

If this plan, works for your need, it is good to go, otherwise choose other plans with more benefits and features.

Premium Shared Hosting Plan

The Premium plan costs at $2.99 a month with a renewal cost of $6.99. It includes higher limit in comparison to starter plan. It provides 100 websites installations, a free domain, 100GB storage, 100 email addresses and unlimited bandwidth. Only con it has is that Backups are performed weekly.

Business Shared Hosting Plan

Business plan is best for small business website as its name suggests. It provides the most important daily backups and adds all the traffic through cloudflare’s CDN which adds maximum speed to website. It’s priced from $4.99 a month for the first four years, $8.99 on renewal.

Business shared hosting plan includes 100 websites, 200 GB SSD storage, and ~100000 monthly visits. It also includes free domain name, SSL, email, and all other common features.

Hostinger’s Shared hosting Plan Comparison

Single Shared Hosting

  • Starting at $1.99 per month (renews at $3.99)
  • Hosting for 1 website
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 100 GB of bandwidth
  • 2 databases
  • Free SSL

Premium Shared Hosting

  • Starting at $2.59 per month (renews at $6.99)
  • Hosting for up to 100 websites
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free domain registration
  • Free SSL

Business Shared Hosting

  • Starting at $4.99 per month (renews at $8.99)
  • Hosting for up to 100 websites
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free domain registration
  • Free SSL
  • Free daily backups
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WordPress hosting

WordPress is #1 CMS platform and everyone’s favorite best website builder platform. From beginner to expert and professional, everyone uses WordPress because of its flexibility and awesome features.

Hostinger provides a complete solution for WordPress. It also has dedicated WordPress support team to ensure high level solution to everyone.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan Overview

Single WordPress

This plan is priced at only $1.99 a month over four years, $3.99 on renewal.

  • Single Website
  • Single Email address
  • No Free Domain
  • Upto 10,000 visitors a month
  • Weekly backup
  • Unlimited Free SSL
  • Managed and Accelerated WordPress
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Business WordPress plan

The Business WordPress plan is more expensive at $3.99 a month over four years, $16.99 on renewal. But it comes with additional features.

  • 100 Websites
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • ~100 000 Visits Monthly
  • 100 Free Email
  • Unlimited Free SSL
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Managed and Accelerated WordPress
  • WordPress Staging Tool
  • Daily Backups
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WordPress Pro

Optimized for small and medium businesses, this WordPres Pro hostinger plan comes with everything needed at higher scale.

  • 300 Websites
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • ~200 000 Visits Monthly
  • 100 Free Email
  • Unlimited Free SSL
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Managed and Accelerated WordPress
  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress Staging Tool
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Cloud Hosting

Hostinger’s cloud hosting are as easy and simple to use as their shared hosting but with more powerful features included. All cloud plans come with unlimited bandwidth, isolated resources, a free dedicated IP, free domain registration, and a free SSL certificate.

Cloud Startup

  • Starting at $9.99 per month (renews at $19.99)
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 200 GB of SSD storage
  • 2 CPU cores

Cloud Professional

  • Starting at $14.99 per month (renews at $39.99)
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 250 GB of SSD storage
  • 4 CPU cores

Cloud Enterprise

  • Starting at $29.99 per month (renews at $54.99)
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 300 GB of SSD Storage
  • 6 CPU cores

VPS Hosting

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting provides you a personal space in a web server with your own system resources. Adding the benefits of extra speed and more resources to plan includes CPU time, RAM, storage space.

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The pricing for the most basic VPS starts at $3.49 per month and the most expensive VPS starts at $77.99 per month.

Hostinger’s VPS plans are actually quite similar to their Cloud Hosting Accounts, with the main difference being back end management.While Cloud Hosting users get to enjoy fully managed service, VPS customers will have root access which means more customizability.

Hostinger has eight different virtual private server options.

  • CPU power ranges from 1 to 8 vCPUs
  • RAM ranges from 1 GB to 16 GB
  • SSD storage ranges from 20 GB to 250 GB
  • Bandwidth ranges from 1 TB to 12 TB

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Depending on overall reviews and stats, here are some pros and cons of Hostinger :


  • Low starter prices
  • Decent speeds in testing
  • Lots of features
  • Data centers in seven countries
  • Quality custom control panel
  • Email and chat support


  • Doesn’t have the power for the most demanding websites
  • Daily backups only with the higher plans
  • VPS plans get 100Mbps connection, less than many top hosting providers
  • No telephone support

Final Thought

The question may arise in your mind that whether Hostinger is the right web host for you or not ?

Hostinger is recommended for all beginners who want to start a website without spending too much money and is mostly beginner. Hostinger’s low price shared hosting options offer good value for money with great performance and an extremely easy-to-use control panel.

It has a wide range of plans almost suitable for every needs and integrated with attractive prices makes Hostinger cost-effective beginners as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hostinger

Where is Hostinger Located?

Hostinger’s headquarters is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. However, they have locations in several countries including Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore.
Hostinger’s servers are located in USA, Europe (Netherlands, Lithuania, United Kingdom), Asia (Indonesia and Singapore), and South America (Brazil).

Does Hostinger offers a free domain name?

Yes, Hostinger offers a free domain name with their Premium and Business plans. Their Single plan doesn’t include a free domain name.

Does Hostinger have cPanel ?

Hostinger does not have classic cPanel to manage domain and hosting accounts. Hostinger has its own control panel, which is known as hpanel.

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