Dr, Dre Requests New Trial To End Marriage With Nicole Young & Declared Legally Single

After twenty four years of marriage, Dr. Dre has requested that his marriage to his estranged wife, Nicole Young be terminated permanently. He wants both of them to be declared single legally in the eyes of the court. According to a filing acquired by a leading digital publication firm, producer né André Young has filed the petition that demands Dr. Dre and Nicole Young to be separated legally and be termed as single persons individually. According to Dr. Dre’s attorney, Nicole’s accusation of domestic violence is absolutely fake and leaves no scope for her and Dr. Dre to remain legally married either.

Nicole Young’s Accusations Against Dr. Dre

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In January 2021, Nicole revealed that Dr. Dre has been physically abusive and violent with her on several different occasions. She said that in 2000 and 2001, he had held her at a gun point and threatened to kill her by placing a gun right on her head. Two years before that, according to Young, Dr. Dre had punched her right in the face. And, in 2016 he had kicked down a door while she was trying to hide from him to protect herself from all the rage. These are just a few accusations and according to Nicole, there have been many more instances where she was physically abused by Dr. Dre.

As per the report obtained, Nicole Young has also accused Dr. Dre of decimating her emotionally and mentally to such an extent that she suffers from mental health issues currently. She has revealed that she now suffers from PTSD, that is, post-traumatic stress syndrome, which is a mental health disorder.

Dr. Dre Denial & Nicole’s Response

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Following Nicole Young’s accusations, Dr. Dre has responded and called the entire allegations fake and completely absurd. Dr. Dre stated that he had never laid his hand on his estranged wife and under no point in time threatened or abused her physically. He also added that under no circumstances has he ever threatened her physical safety. Nicole responded to his denial and said that he was lying blatantly by dismissing all the accusations. Nicole also stated that during the course of her marriage, she had never involved the police. However, when she recently asked for a restraining order against Dr. Dre, she was denied the emergency request.

Dr. Dre Disses His Ex

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A lot of reports and rumours also speculated that his latest single is an attempt to take a diss at his ex. The snippet of the single was released in February during an Instagram Live session by DJ Silk. In the snippet, it was heard that during a rap session, the singer was speaking along the lines that a person was trying to kill him with utter lies and disgusting perjury. He saw her trying to ruin and tarnish his reputation while he was in surgery. The rap continued that while he was on ICU bed fighting for his life, the woman was trying to extract as much money as she possibly could.

By surgery, the rapper might have been referring to the brain aneurysm that he had suffered in January that led him to undergo surgery while staying hospitalised. It was later announced by his close and long time friend, Ice-T that the rapper was doing well and had made it back home safely and is now recovering.

Nicole Young Dr. Dre Agreement

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According to the reports obtained by the leading digital publication, Andre and Nicole had come to a mutual understanding. It involved their financial agreement in the middle of the multimillion dollar divorce settlement. The settlement had asked Dr. Dre to pay Nocile Young a total of $2 million before a set date in January 2021. It also stated that Dr. Dre will be responsible for maintaining the financial quo as well as Nicole’s expenses since the time of separation. The settlement also included Dr. Dre to take responsibility of their Malibu and Palisades residence.

On the other hand, Nicole was asked to cover the expenses of her own security if she did not want to have security provided by Dr. Dre.