‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ 2008 Emo Anthem- The Girl Behind the Song

If you ever enjoyed the punk-pop revolution in the mid-2000s, then you might have come across a  song named ‘Dear Maria, Count me in’   by All Time Low. The song enjoyed its fair share of the limelight. It helped the band members to be famous. Until recently, nobody knew the song is based on a real-life person.  Many fans were shocked by this revelation. The  Girl Behind the Song is  Maria Lucente. She is now a  35 years old vegan married mother of two currently residing in Austin, Texas with her children & her dog. She is also said to be ‘Yogi’ now.

Dear Maria, Count Me In Song

This song is currently viral on tick-tock. It is from the album ‘So Wrong, It’s Right’ by the band All Time Low.

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The song is about a girl named Maria.  How fabulous she is on the stage.  How everyone in the room has a hard time looking away from her. This was a great hit in Pop-punk in the mid-2000s. Who could have known that a girl who was trying to make ends meet in her 20s  could be the inspiration to the emo anthem?


 Maria Lucente  Shocking Revelation

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Despite so many years of sitting on a huge shocking revelation, Maria finally took to her  Instagram to admit she was the inspiration behind the song. She admits to the fact of her being a stripper.  She also states that this song made her friends famous. She subtly admits to her not any recognition or any benefit from the song,  even after being a hit of the time. Everyone starts to pour down their reaction to the comment section. This tick-tock song being viral has certainly brought a lot of limelight to the real  Maria now.

Maria & All Time Low

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The relationship between Maria & the band members of All Time  Low goes long back.  Maria admits to having a lot of memories associated with this song. It is very special to the heart. She says they used to hang out a lot with the not-so-popular All Time  Low band members & many other emerging musical bands in that area. Maria is even married to a  band member of Downtown Singapore. Maria says she was very shy at first but when she saw the song keep popping up on  Tick Tock, she couldn’t hold it any longer. She explains by admitting that she was  Maria, she could finally take charge of her life. She always felt kind of admitting that she was a stripper when she was young. She no longer is afraid now. She says she did what needed to be done. She didn’t have a car or even a license at that time. She fondly recalls how being part of a group of friends from All Time Low,  attending local shows together, and finally becoming great friends. 

At first, the band members of All Time Low didn’t even know she was a stripper. It was very hard for them to comprehend. She was always so shy & hardly talked. They didn’t believe it at first. She also didn’t want to tell many people that she was dancing in bars because she didn’t want her dad to find out about it.

In an interview, the lead singer of All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth openly admitted they were indeed by Maria after she decided to become a dancer for the local clubs. They were really awestruck at how Maria being the shy & introverted girl she was,  taking charge of her life.

Many fans had a very hard time believing that she was the girl behind the song. She also had to confirm the same from a band member and posting the screenshots of the conversation to social media.  To many people’s disappointment, her story check’s out. She says I never expected my story to get viral.  Her shocking revelation has gotten a million views up until now. She admits that she is very glad that she has this song about her that many people love. “It is timeless.  I will have this song forever”. Life has certainly now changed for Dear  Maria, who is now enjoying her time peacefully with her family now.