Codero WebHosting Review[Updated 2023]


Codero is an American hosting company invested in Cloud and dedicated servers for medium and large business owners. Their Hybrid hosting plan provides excellent service to companies with different data storage needs and high data traffic requirements.


Codero is an American privately owned company that dedicates their operations to managed and Cloud hosting, as well as other IT services that allow thousands of their customers to scale their online footprint. Established in 2009, Codero owns three data centers located in Dallas, Phoenix, and Ashburn, which allow smooth service with 99.95 percent of uptime guaranteed.

Features and ease of use

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Codero hosting service provides the latest server technology with dedicated support teams, which means that since the moment you start, you get your own support team that keeps your website up and running. Their initial offer includes:

Managed dedicated servers where you get to choose every aspect of your hosting service. This kind of service gives you a complete freedom to find your own balance in order to have the most efficient hosting package. The setup is free, with loads of interesting features like unlimited inbound bandwidth and free multiple IP addresses with option to add even more IPs for a fee.

The choice of OS is entirely up to you, with various versions of Windows and Linux OS depending on your preferences. Additionally, there is a chance to ask for an alternative OS installation if you don’t approve of the previous two. Finally, there is a long list of third-party apps and tools that you can install for free as well as for a certain fee.

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Additional features include:

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Intel multi-core processors up to 3.7 GHz
  • Up to 384GB RAM
  • Up to 30TB of FREE outgoing bandwidth

Managed Azure and AWS Cloud hosting allows users to leave behind the troubles with updates and maintenance, which could lead to severe cost reduction in a long run. Codero experts will take care your server is online, secure, and available. You create your own hosting plan by deciding which level of management you need from backup to full-time server management.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud hosting is a great solution for large business clients where different compartments have their individual IT requirements. This hosting service is also fully customizable, allowing users to choose any cloud and configure their optimal set of features such as storage, bandwidth, OS, control panel, and third-party apps.


Pricing and support

The price range of any hosting service with Codero depends on the choice of configuration and services you take. However, the overall impression is that they have competitive prices for the type of service and features that Codero has to offer.

Support is top of the line, one of the best on the market with dedicated team of experts keeping an eye on your server and making sure every question you have is answered. There are so many support options it’s almost impossible to get stuck without help:

  • Live chat support with real people answering in real time
  • Phone service operating 24/7
  • Ticket service working non-stop with an average response time of 20 minutes
  • Knowledge base
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Codero Hosting offers various hosting plans with different features and resources. They have four main hosting categories: Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Each category has different pricing tiers based on the amount of resources and features you need.

Here is a breakdown of the available plans and their pricing for each category:

Dedicated Servers

Plan NameProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
DS1Intel Xeon E3-12308 GB1 TB HDD10 TB$80/mo
DS2Intel Xeon E3-127016 GB2x 1 TB HDD20 TB$120/mo
DS3Intel Xeon E5-262032 GB2x 2 TB HDD30 TB$160/mo
DS42x Intel Xeon E5-262064 GB4x 1 TB HDD40 TB$320/mo

Cloud Hosting

Plan NameProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
Cloud 11 Core1 GB20 GB SSD5 TB$5/mo
Cloud 22 Cores2 GB40 GB SSD5 TB$10/mo
Cloud 32 Cores4 GB80 GB SSD5 TB$20/mo
Cloud 44 Cores8 GB160 GB SSD5 TB$40/mo

Managed Hosting

Plan NameProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice
M11 Core1 GB20 GB SSD2 TB$78/mo
M22 Cores2 GB40 GB SSD4 TB$138/mo
M34 Cores4 GB80 GB SSD8 TB$218/mo
M44 Cores8 GB160 GB SSD10 TB$338/mo

Reseller Hosting

Plan NameDisk SpaceBandwidthAccountsPrice
R1100 GB1000 GB10$35/mo
R2200 GB2000 GB20$70/mo
R3300 GB3000 GB30$105/mo
R4400 GB400


  • Overall Score: 86/100
  • Reliability: 86/100
  • Usability: 86/100
  • Customer Support: 84/100
  • Features: 86/100

Cordero Walkthrough

Businesses and organizations looking for the perfect web hosting solution might have heard about Codero as one of the key players in the area. True enough, when I first visited their 

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website, I had the impression of their corporate ambiance that evokes trustworthiness and authority just by their very minimalistic and professional-looking pages. 

Despite being a younger contemporary than most hosting companies, Codero offers a diverse portfolio of fully managed offerings to over 3,500 customers worldwide. So, if I am a business owner or a business web manager, I’d be compelled to learn more about Codero web hosting services.

The company is mainly a dedicated hosting business, and its main objective is to help its customers and their partners thrive in the cloud. It is a technology enabler that facilitates the adoption and use of advanced and custom cloud solutions. 

It provides managed, dedicated, and hybrid multi-cloud services. Codero Hosting delivers world-class dedicated, managed, and cloud hybrid hosting solutions on-demand for businesses of all sizes globally.

These are all big words that come with high costs that only big and medium-sized companies may be able to cover. For smaller companies, businesses, or our blogs where we want ultimate performance, uptime, speed, and security, we might come across a reseller of the Codero hosting partner program, which will be much cheaper.

Let’s take a deeper look into this hosting provider. Who knows? One of us might get lucky and be successful in our businesses that our hosting needs grow along with it; from the basic shared hosting to managed hosting solutions and many more.

Codero Pros And Cons


  • Excellent support
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited inbound traffic
  • Fair pricing


  • Live chat not working 24/7
  • No EU servers available


Codero managed customizable hosting service is a real refreshment in the pool of premade plans that don’t always work for everyone. The fact that even the level of management is customizable shows the scale of their ambition to build completely custom hosting solutions.

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