Amanda Gorman – First Poet to Grace the Cover of Vogue

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Gorman yet, then you must be living under a rock up until now. She is a well known American poet & activist who likes to work on the issues of oppression, marginalization, race & feminism. She is even the very first person to be named as the National Youth Poet Laureate. She has also authored some best-selling books. She was the person who was chosen to deliver a poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden & Vice resident Kamala Harris. The poem she read was called, ‘ The Hill We Climb’ which went on to become a spectacular event. It went on to generate international applause & acclaim. Everyone was awestruck by how impressive the poem was. If she hadn’t already enough, she went to grace the cover of Vogue, May issue. She was also listed in Time magazine under the 100 Next and done a special piece by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Amanda Gorman Childhood

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Amanda was born in LA, where she was raised by a single mother who was an English teacher by profession. She had two more siblings. Not many people know but Amanda also has a twin sister, who is also an activist and filmmaker. Maybe the genius runs in the family. Gorman has admitted that her upbringing & childhood has played a significant role to have led her down this path. She says while growing up, they had limited television access.

The story of Gorman is one to inspire. She had a childhood full of struggles & huddles, that not many kids of that age have to deal with. She has suffered from speech impediment when she was little. She went on to have speech therapy to overcome her speech impediment. She also suffers from an auditory processing disorder and is also hypersensitive to sound.  In an interview, she admits to never seeing her speech impediment as a flaw but always considered it as her strength & cherished it as a gift. She remembers how the struggles she faced because of her speech impediment, made her really at reading & writing. At a very young age, she got to understand the meaning of the words that people barely glance through.

She went to studied sociology at Harvard college and went on to become a graduate in 2020. Gorman also had the opportunity to study a semester in Madrid, Spain.

The 2021 Presidential Inauguration Poem

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The poem Gorman read ‘The Hill We Climb’ which went to grab global attention. She is the youngest poet to have gotten the opportunity to read at a United States President’s Inauguration History. The hope she had for the poem was to represent a special moment of complete unity in the country. She wanted to mark a beginning to a new era, new hope through her words. She proud herself for being from the black heritage of her ancestors. She draws inspirations from their struggles. She says I am descended from black freedom fighters who broke through their chains & revolutionized the world.

Gorman & IMG Model

To many people surprise, IMG Models have signed Gorman as one of their models. This contract was apparently done after the inauguration poem. Since then she has got a lot of offers coming her way. She also said she had to decline some of them.

Vogue Cover
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Vogue step up their game this season by having Amanda Gorman on the cover. Vogue took to Instagram to confirm this happy news. They congratulated Amanda for being the poet, activist, optimist & style icon that she is. They went on to say that Amanda is much more than a literary star now. 

Amanda looks back on her journey to get here and says, It took so much labour, not just on her behalf but her whole family and village who helped her to get where she is today.

In an interview she says, she was not expecting all this at 22. She is setting herself apart in every way and certainly has the zeal to become whatever she opts to be. She also has admitted running for president in the future. She surely will make a great President.  This is not the last of Amanda Gorman you will be hearing!