After Atlanta Spa Shooting, Sandra Oh Gives A Speech On ‘Stop Asian Hate’, Calls Herself Proud Asian

Sandra Oh has come forward to support the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ campaign and announced with complete dignity that she is proud to be an Asian. The ‘Killing Eve’ participated in the rally that was taking place in Pittsburgh on Saturday. The protest is taking place after a total of eight people were killed in the brutal shooting near the three Atlanta-area spas. The actress took it to the streets and stood tall and strong to support her fellow Asian Americans. She spoke to them when it was needed the most as it is the time when hatred against Asian Americans is surging to an extreme.

Sandra Oh’s Powerful Speech

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In her speech, Sandra Oh stated that she was extremely happy and proud to be there with her fellow Asian Americans. She thanked them all for organizing the protest and giving all of them the opportunity to stand tall against biases, injustice, and hatred. She said that it might be the first time in her community that they are able to express their fear, sadness and anger so openly. And, she thanked everyone there for organizing the rally so that they could express their feelings as well as to all the people who were there listening. The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress said that she understood very well that many people in her community were extremely scared of everything that was going around them. And, she added that the only way to move forward and address their fear is by standing with each other. She started the chants that said, ‘I am proud to be Asian’, which was quickly joined by the fellow members of her community.

Sandra Oh Extending Support On Social Media

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Before getting on the street, Sandra Oh had issued a statement on her social media handle that talked about the Atlanta shooting as well. She expressed how deeply saddened, agitated, and disturbed she felt with the incident. She also added links where people could help and support by donating fund for the cause of helping those who were affected by the ordeal. She had written in her note that she is extending her love and kindness to all the eight people who lost their lives in the shooting on March 16.

She also extended her support to everyone who had to deal with racist violence in their lives. She expressed that she was devasted and beyond angry while looking at whatever was happening. She motivated everyone to not be scared or live in fear. Sandra Oh concluded with the hashtag that asked every one in her community to remember that it is an absolute honour to be Asian.

More Stars To Join Sandra Oh

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Sandra Oh is not the only star who has spoken against the Atlanta shooting or violence against Asian Americans. Other celebrities including Jamie Chung, Olivia Munn, and Daniel Dae Kim also joined the Oh in expressing their dissent to the recent happening. In fact, President Biden ordered the White House to take down the national American flag on Monday as a sign of respect. The military grounds and other fed buildings are ordered to do the same. Local cops and investigators have informed that the Atlanta shooting has a suspect who is a 21-years-old man named Robert Aaron Long. According to the officers, Long was a sex addict who wanted to remove the spas in order to eradicate his addiction. However, the officials have added that violence was not performed due to hatred towards a particular race or religion. However, there is no supporting evidence to prove the same or otherwise.

The Victims

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The victims who have extremely unfortunately lost their lives include Paul Andre Michels, who is 54, Yong Ae Yue, who is 63, Hyun Jung Grant, who is 51, Daoyou Feng, who is 44, Soon Chung Park, who is 74, Delaina Ashley Yuan, who is 33, Suncha Kim, who is 69, and Xiaojie Yan, who is 49. Further, the investigation is still ongoing and the case is yet to be closed and the real offender is yet to be caught and punished.