Actor Walter Olkewicz dies at 72

The actor who played the bartender Jacques Renault in “Twin Peaks’ has died on Tuesday. He died at the age of 72 in his Reseda home in Los Angeles.. His death was announced to the media & his fans by his son Zak, who is a screenwriter.  His son reported the demise of his father was because of a prolonged illness, which finally took his life. He has been battling with a long list of illnesses for almost 20 years up until now. His numerous knee surgeries didn’t help as well. It only made things worse. He was forced to be in bed because of it. This even led the actor to take a break from acting. 

Zak really loved & cared for his father. He was truly an inspiration for him over the years. In an interview, his son said, his father was a good man he put his heart & soul, his pure love for creativity in everything that he did. Olkewicz was a household name, because of his series of roles he perfected on screen.

Walter Olkewicz Career

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According to the IMDB page, Walter has exactly 103 credits under his name. He had his fair share of screen time on the big screens as well as on TV. Among all the roles that Walter did, the role of bartender Jacques Renault on the famous TV sitcom ‘Twin Peaks’ which at that time ran for two seasons. In the rerun of Twin Peaks, Walter became a star for the role of Canadian Renault. Ironically, his last onscreen performance was also on Twin Peaks.

He debuted in his first film in Futureworld, which was released in 1976. He also played Private Hinshaw in Steven Spielberg epic 1941 which was released in 1979. This particular role brought along many movie roles along his way. He has also starred as the famous Mafia Lawyer in the movie, The Client.  He also played notable roles in Moonlighting, Grace Under Fire Murder & Cheers, Everwood where he played Mike O’Connel, Last Days, The Rockford Files, Newhart, She Wrote, Brooklyn Bridge, The Blue and the Gray, Meeting Daddy, You’re Killing Me, You Know my name., Comedy of Horrors, Alice, Circle of Power, Summer Camp, The Greatest, Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb.

He also Played in Seinfield as Nick, the cable guy on an episode which aired in 1996 name’ The Cadillac’. He had a short-lived TV career, he played a number of interesting characters. Some of the most notables ones where his role in The Last Resort which aired from 1979-80, his role as Bubba in ABC variety show. He also worked with Jeff Conaway on the show Wizards & Warriors. Many fans also remember him from his role in NBC’s Partner’s in Crime alongside Lynda Carter & Loni Anderson which aired between 1987-88.

The versatility and such ample talent are what made Walter’s performance a memorable one. He will be always be remembered as the joyful & memorable characters he used to play on screen. The roles credited to his name show how in touch he was with his creativity & craft.  He was & still be one of the most loved characters played on TV or in movies. His long career is proof of how amazing things can go for you as an artist if you put your heart & soul into it.

Condolences From Colleagues

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Many of his fellow actors came out and poured condolences for the veteran actor. Treat Williams reminisces back into time to post a picture of them from 1941 from the sets of the movie.  He pays his respects and calls him his fellow tank crew member. Many other fans & admirers came to pay their respects & look back at all the glorious work he has done.

Personal Life of Walter

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Walter was born on 14 May, in New Jersey. He attended the Bayonne High School & then went on his journey to Colorado State University. He is survived by his sons & two grandchildren, whom he loved dearly.

His long career only shows how amazing of an actor & performer he was. He had many fans who are sad to hear this heartbreaking news. Walter will always be remembered through his moments in front of the camera, his impressive performances & his charming persona.